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Are you fighting with your spouse and just can't seem to get along? Has your partner cheated or have a gut-wrenching feelings they are? Is your teenager struggling in school and you are worried they may be using drugs or alcohol? Are you experiencing deep sadness for longer than normal, feeling isolated, a lack motivation, and having suicidal thoughts? If so, our compassionate and experienced therapists can work with you and your loved ones and help you find solutions.

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ReDiscover Yourself

The relationship you nourish with yourself can
strengthen opportunities for healthy self-discovery,
healing, and overall happiness.

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ReDiscover your connection

Build a secure foundation for your partnership to create a deeper, more fulfilling connection.

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ReDiscover Psychological Services was brought to life with
the intention of creating a safe and supportive environment
for everyone to tell their story.

Life is messy, and it takes a great deal of strength and resilience
to weather its many storms while still keeping our most valued
relationships intact. At some point in our humanness, we all
experience walking a rocky path, in which all we need is to be
heard, understood, and validated.

​Thus, the birth of ReDiscover - a space where couples, families,
and individuals can freely and openly express their difficulties,
emotions, and issues while working towards the common goal
of achieving fulfillment, peace, and healing.
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We offer both in-person or video call sessions for the following services:

Pregnant Woman and Partner

Couple's Therapy and Relationship Assessment

Mother and Daughter
Gay Couple Eating Popsicles
Happy Family
Working from Home

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