Our Services

We offer both in-person and virtual sessions for the following services, ask your therapist about sliding scale fees:

Couples' Counselling

Seeking couple’s therapy affirms that you value one another. Both of you will learn how to healthily settle conflict, increase intimacy, feel and give respect, while enhancing empathy and understanding. This session also comes with a Relationship Assessment using the Gottman Relationship Checkup strategy.

Family Counseling

Conflict often arises due to differences and the fact that polite social behaviors are not always necessary between members. Seeking counseling helps each one effectively express their needs through difficult times such as divorce, addiction, establishing boundaries, grief and loss, and managing conflict.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can aid children, adolescents, and adults dealing with a personal or mental health issue. It is also a great opportunity to accelerate personal growth and rediscover overlooked aspects of oneself. Achieving this can help one adopt to different perspectives and have a clearer, stronger sense of purpose.

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