Wanda Chevrette

Wanda is a registered psychologist who has a Masters of Counselling degree from Athabasca University.

With a strong passion for working with couples and families, she is working towards her certification in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, the world’s leading research-based approach to relationships. She has already completed levels 1 and 2, along with Treating Affairs and Trauma course.. 

Wanda also has over 15 years of experience working in addiction services. She has worked adolescents and adults struggling with addictions, trauma, and mental health issues within residential, community outreach, and child protection settings. ​

On a personal note, Wanda is married with two step-children and one fur child. She loves anything that takes place in the wilderness -  camping, sailing, kayaking, hiking, etc. She also enjoys painting, cooking, baking, and well…eating her gastronomic creations of course!
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Wanda is highly experienced and trained to handle a wide variety of issues, including:
✓ Couples counselling

✓ Family therapy

✓ Infidelity and other relationship betrayals

✓ Addiction Services

✓ PTSD and trauma

✓ Anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias
✓ Individual counseling for adults

✓ Individual counseling for adolescents (12+)

✓ Depression

✓ Stress and Anger management

✓ Loss, Bereavement and Grief

✓ Borderline Personality Disorder

Lori Thompson

Lori Thompson RSW, MSW, has been working in the mental health and addictions services for more than 15 years now. She completed a Master of Social Work degree from Howard University in 2000.

She works primarily with adults, teens, and families, and is currently registered with the Alberta College of Social Workers. In her spare time, you will find her hanging out with her dog, creating art, or spending time in nature.

"I believe in working in partnership with you to help you spark meaningful change in your life. I am here to listen, provide a safe non-judgmental space, and support you in making changes.

I take an integrative approach to therapy and draw upon a number of modalities. I focus on modalities that will help you better understand and accept your emotional experience and change the way you relate to unwanted or distressing thoughts."


Lori is highly experienced and trained to handle a wide variety of issues, including:

✓ Depression and mood instabiily 
✓ Anxiety, panic attacks and phobias
✓ Addiction Services
✓ Family Problems

✓ Parent/child conflict
✓ Caregiver challenges
✓ Emotional Dysregulation
✓ Social Anxiety

Marta Beranek

Marta is a registered social worker and provides counseling for children, teens, adults and families who are experiencing academic, emotional, social and behavioral concerns. Marta is committed to fostering a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space for clients as they identify, create and achieve personal and relational meaning in their lives.

Each person Marta works with is unique, as such, she works from a strength based, person-centered and collaborative process. Marta integrates evidence-based, solution-focused approaches to help clients develop self-awareness on how they might be stuck in unhelpful emotions, thoughts, patterns, and support them in identifying their strengths and resources to work through challenges.  


Marta appreciates the amount of courage that it can takes to reach out and seek help and she looks forward to working with you through your process towards meaningful change.


Kristi Moore

Marta is highly experienced and trained to handle a wide variety of issues, including:

✓ Anger Management

✓ Anxiety

✓ Depression

✓ Borderline Personality

✓ Trauma and PTSD

✓ Spirituality
✓ Emotional Regulation and Coping Skills

✓ Family Conflict and Stress

✓ Grief

✓ Life Transitions

✓ Self-Esteem

✓ Self-Harming and Suicidal Ideation

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Kristi Moore is a registered social worker and completed her masters degree at the University of Calgary in 2017, specializing in clinical social work practice. She has eight years of experience working with adolescents, adults, couples, and families experiencing complex mental health issues in both residential and outpatient settings.


Kristi integrates a variety of modalities into her practice, including cognitive behavioral therapy, strengths-based, solution-focused and dialectical behavioral therapy concepts. Kristi is constantly seeking training opportunities and has attended a variety of workshops / seminars to improve her skill set. She has completed Level 1 of Gottman Method Couples Therapy and is currently working on Level 2. She is currently working out of Claresholm, AB virtually; however, in 2022 she may open an office for in-person clients. 

On a personal note, Kristi and her husband recently welcomed their first child. They live on a small acreage where they have horses, donkeys, dogs, and cats. In her spare time, Kristi enjoys the outdoors, including camping and hiking. She also loves spending time with family and friends, and curling up with a good book, mysteries and historical fiction being her favorite genre.

Kristi is highly experienced and trained to handle a wide variety of issues, including:
✓ Addiction Services

✓ PTSD and Trauma

✓ Couples Therapy

✓ Family conflict

✓ Counseling for Adolescents

✓ Relationship issues
✓ Career transitions

✓ Anxiety

✓ Depression

✓ Personality disorders

✓ Infertility and loss

✓ Transition to Parenthood

Aneesa Gill

Are you feeling frustrated by everyday life stressors? Are you desiring an improvement in your overall well-being?  Aneesa's approach is sensitive to your unique needs using solution-focused, acceptance and commitment, and cognitive behaviour therapies to support you through issues you are facing in your life. Aneesa believes that you have the power to make the difference in your life. However, at times individuals can become overwhelmed with their feelings and thoughts, sometimes feeling anxious, stressed, sad, and angry. She holds a non-judgmental, open mind so together you can make a difference and re-claim your power.
Aneesa is a registered social worker that specializes in supporting individuals to explore and find practical solutions to their life issues – including understanding feelings, relationships, and stressors to determine what therapeutic approach(s) will help you.  Her goal is to help you process your thoughts and feelings with the goal to learn new coping strategies.
"I know that taking the first step to make an appointment with a therapist can be intimidating. I also know that a marathon starts with a single step. When you are ready, I will be glad to meet you and support you on your journey. Together we will find the best way to improve your life and meet your goals".

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Aneese is highly experienced and trained to handle a wide variety of issues, including:
✓ Addiction Services

✓ Anger management

✓ Anxiety

✓ Assertive communication 

✓ Caregiver burnout

✓ Chronic illness

✓ Dementia-related challenges

✓ Depression

✓ Emotional regulation 

✓ Intercultural issues

✓ Life transitions/coaching

✓ Relationship issues

✓ Workplace stress

Stacey Bjornstad

Stacey Bjornstad is a provisionally registered psychologist that is a Canadian Certified Counsellor. She graduated from Athabasca University in 2021. She believes a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and that counseling is like that too,

Her approach is first and foremost person-centered, while also borrowing methods that promote positive growth. She is a safe and non-judgmental third party with whom you may allow yourself the space to uncover your strengths and achieve clarity to your unique challenges.

"I applaud your courage in making steps towards bettering yourself by acknowledging those things in your life that are no longer serving you! I believe in prioritizing building a relationship with clients before and during the hard work of therapy. As a seasoned life observer, I want to help you deepen your perspective on life through the counseling process. We are partners in your journey to become the best version of yourself through self-discovery and personal growth."
Stacey is experienced to handle a wide variety of issues, including:
✓ Anxiety and stress

✓ Hoarding

✓ Coping skills

✓ Adoption and parenting

✓ Career guidance

✓ Depression

✓ Self esteem issues
✓ Divorce and family conflict

✓ Counseling for children

✓ Grief, trauma, and PTSD

✓ Life coaching and life transitions

✓ Peer relationships

✓ Relationship issues

✓ Sleeping issues or insomnia

Our commitment to you:

Experience a confidential, calm, and nonjudgemental space where you can feel comfortable engaging in life’s messiness with creativity, perspective, and curiosity.
Be seen, heard, and understood in a space you feel safe and comfortable to do so.
Symptom relief is our primary focus in order to minimize triggers, and aid you in living your best life yet.
Together, we will work towards not only healing specific issues but achieve holistic health: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and relational. 
Through proven, research -based practices, rediscover your personal set of strengths, talents, and motivation. These slowly build encouragement to live out your goals.
We have different therapeutic needs and preferences. You have the option to seek out a different therapist, and we can help by providing referrals.