About ReDiscover


Our Mission

We are a team of mental health therapists dedicated to educating our clients and the community about the importance of mental health. We provide transparent specialized therapeutic services which are designed to support you and your family to create a more rich, connected, and meaningful life.

Our Values

We have a strong connection to personal growth, discovery, collaboration, and results-driven behaviour. We believe that at the forefront of personal wellbeing, is the pursuit of a value-driven lifestyle. We encourage committed actions that are in-line with values such as your health, family, travel, and relationship(s). We believe in the development of skills that will help you maintain a balance between your thoughts, feelings, and emotions; using these skills are vital in helping you overcome challenging experiences.


Experience a confidential, calm, and nonjudgemental space where you can feel comfortable engaging in life’s messiness with creativity, perspective, and curiosity.
Be seen, heard, and understood in a space you feel safe and comfortable to do so.
Through proven, research -based practices, rediscover your personal set of strengths, talents, and motivation. These slowly build encouragement to live out your goals.
Together, we will work towards not only healing specific issues but achieve holistic health: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and relational. 
Symptom relief is our primary focus in order to minimize triggers, and aid you in living your best life yet.
We all have different therapeutic needs and  preferences. You have the option to seek out a different therapist, and we can help by providing referrals.

Our Founder


Wanda Chevrette, R. Psych
Founder & Clinical Director of ReDiscover Psychological Services Inc. 


 ReDiscover Psychological Services  was brought to life with the intention of creating a safe and supportive environment for everyone to tell their story.


Life is messy, and it takes a great deal of strength and resilience to weather its many storms while still keeping our most valued relationships intact. At some point in our humanness, we all experience walking a rocky path in which, all we need is to be heard, understood, and validated.​


Thus, the birth of ReDiscover - a space where couples, families, and individuals can freely and openly express their difficulties, emotions, and issues while working towards the common goal of achieving fulfillment, peace, and healing.


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